Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Remember the heat!
Like Dave Matthews I ain't no superman, but a day in the mountains is a good day.
But with the kinda heat we had, I call it "Kryptonite"

Whats up Glen, Cell don't work up here, I say that's good.

Geoff suggests we enter the dragon, head up to gravel road in that heat to Bon Jon pass.

I must have been driving him crazy, kept calling it Bon Jovi Pass, the path less taken.
Suggested by Bill Gobie to Sequim and the shining sea. Yes there were bugs, horse fly, deer fly, you just have to keep moving. The Bees would draft along for a while and then Attack!

Down to Sequim where the Poplars break the wind and perhaps the sweet soap smell of lavender.

Oh! for summer by the sea, for grown-ups.

As well as kids

and the odd in between.

Its all Flotsam and Jetsam

And then more Lavender.

Got Soap? Mr salt monster man of the Bainbridge Ferry!

Because the very next day you have to show up to ride with the Road Czar and two of his strong buddies, the last bastions of free un-organized cycling. While everyone else seems possesed with riding around the old grand volcano (the lite version) we will go to the younger more active one.

They accept my suggestion to climb on 26 and descend on 25.

Initially protected by shade we rapidly find Kryptonite. And the bugs get very BUGSY
The Czar saves my day by stopping at the little store before Windy Rigde and carrying water to the ridge. They have bottled water in a cooler, No Ice!

Or I might have drowned in Spirit lake seeking cool refreshing release.
Back at Randall we are all pretty knackered.
Like Dave Matthews I ain't no superman.

Go Lahar BC