Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sisters of Mercy

The Words Of Leonard Cohen;
The sisters of mercy, they are not departed or gone
They were waiting for me, when I thought that I just can't go on
And they gave me their comfort, and later they brought me their song
I hope you run into them, you who's been traveling for so long
Thanx all RUSA Volunteers

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Man Who Danced Too Slowly

Baka mythology holds that the first humans that populated the earth were reincarnated as animals. This explains why different animals, to them carried some human trait. perhaps it engendered better respect for the animals and care of the environment.

The millipede descended from the man who danced too slowly. The Baka, very small in stature, live in a very dense tropical rain forest devoid of modern day industrial noise. In adaptation they have come to develop excellent hearing, which is more important in relation to sight in such a setting. It followed that they acquired a fine sense of music, which was central to their sense of community. Their language does not distinguish between song and dance, it is the same word.
As I think about this, and this creature the millipede, I wonder what their thoughts were about "the man who danced too slowly".
My Fleche and Dart team-mates, and my Permanent and "Temporary" riding buddies have probably noted my slow grinding cadence. I think this results from, and I quote Geoff "I have only three fast fibers".
Memorial Day Weekend was to be the Pre-Ride of the OBM 1000K, I decided to ride the lighter Nwachinemelu (the one the spirits favor). She had been hanging from the ceiling since returning from Sydney for the Alpine 1200K. I felt she should be even lighter now with new Mavic Open Pro front rim with the SON Deluxe hub. However she has had Drive Train problems in the past, especially with wet weather, with her Compact Double crankset and external bearings. So off to my LBS (Local Bike Shop) where yes! need new bottom bracket, chain, cassette and big ring, but the inner ring was as good as new.
It was Salvatore Maranzano that was reputed to have said; "Mr Luciano does not like to dance, but when the music plays a rat a tat a tat, he will have to dance."
What I am trying to say is that I learned to spend a lot of time in that inner chain ring.
So if you are going to ride The OBM 1000K, do not forget your dancing shoes, I mean climbing shoes, and your beauty appreciation glasses. Because the Oregon Blue Mountains are not just blue, but also come in green, amber, elkhorn, strawberry with a dusting of icing sugar, but mostly keep coming.
Thanks to John Kramer, Eric Ahlvin, Vinny Sikorski, Kole Kantner, John Pearch and Dave Read.