Friday, April 9, 2010


Slender tubes, handlebars wide
Would you take me on your Brooks for a ride
If I should crash
Could you limit it to just road rash

Forest, show me how to roll
And to eschew one more meaningless goal
Seems I spent my life running around
But here on these pedals my feet do not touch the ground

Let us roll through the Cascades
Temper the heat with your shade
Oh Forest! carry me to heights
Where singing breezes blow in the night

Please do not let me fade
As we take on another stubborn grade
For if I keep at it, I guess
I will face what I repress

Forest! now dark and deep
Wear me out so I can get to sleep
An hour or two before the light of day
Rush your endo's to take this pain away

Thanx to Boxer Bikes