Saturday, June 22, 2013


I had the pleasure of the company of John Pearch and Doug Migden on the Seattle to Glacier Pre-ride.
We Departed from QFC in Mercer Island and rode up to Tully's. We decided to start the ride at Tully's instead and we were off @ 0500. Riding west across the I-90 bridge we figured the "Info Question" and rode down Seward Park to Renton where we found the Cedar river trail to take us to the Mountains. Pretty soon we were ascending as the white river was descending, our objective Chinook Pass. 
Not too many controls on this Brevet but just a good amount of services, we stopped at Cliffdell, Whistlin Jacks for refreshment, cold drizzle was ebbing and Eastern Washington weather was on.
Riding through Yakima reflecting on C1200 of old as we passed through fields of Hops.
After Flat and gusts of wind we made the Vernita Bridge and headed East for Othello.
Just Before Othello Best Western, I made a little detour to the right to the 24hr Burger king for Dinner.
By the time I got to BW the Boys had already gotten their pre-mailed packages and Doc was already in bed. I grabbed mine, took out the fresh shorts and wore them after a shower, then dinner.
A little overconfident I might add, after a good nights sleep we left for Lind almost at Othello closing time. Immediately hit a ten mile stretch of  fresh chip-seal and was glad that I had my Thompson 650B with Hetre's, though I had suffered one flat earlier and put on a brand new tire.
Then we hit Lind Hatten road which my Buddy's joked was a "Pre-Road" So the control at Lind is three hours and change away,  What me worry? We were determined to, and we made it. Type 2 fun Sir Hugh would call that stretch, no worries we re-routed. 

After refueling at Lind it was on to Colfax and the rolling Palouse, we pushed to make time in the bank.
Refueling at Plummer Idaho, we hooked up with the Couer D' Alene
bike trail, 55 miles of flat in the beautiful lights of the dusk.
Destination Kellogg, John and I stopped just before the GuestHouse Inn at Walmart where we find all kinds of microwaveable stuff for late Dinner
Rise and shine the last day, two hours before Kellogg closing time, we back track on the trail to the Town of Enaville.
And follow a river grade before it kicks up to Thompson Pass.
Then down to Thompson Falls where Minnies never disappoints.
After filling the bellies with good stuff, roll down the MT 200.
To Wild Horse Plains.
To catch the MT 28 to bring us to the Lovely Flathead Lake.
But it is not over yet there are some killer rollers on US 93 to Kallispell.
Geoff  "GPS" Swarts has found some ways to limit the harshness of traffic, rumble strips. and debris on the shoulder of US 93 but there is some loose gravel and a little more navigating involved and perhaps in the dark. 
We make Lakeside to find Dairy Queen closed but the gas station is open, still a little too early to start celebrating.
The Motely crew make Whitefish, morning rental car to Glacier.
Effing Monarchs!
Big Sky!
Retreating Glaciers!

Thanks Geoff for invaluable help with routes, John for immeasurable energy, photos and enthusiasm, Doc for constantly preaching safety and Kole for help with Excel.

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