Monday, April 20, 2009

3 Capes and a Pilgrim

As I rode past the Trappist Abbey in Lafayette, OR with Sam Huffman. The Chant came to me.

Oh Lord of truth, oh God of might.
Who orders time and change aright.
Who sent the early morning ray.
And lights the glow of perfect day.
Extinguish now each sinful fire.
And banish every ill desire.
And while you make the body whole.
Set forth your peace upon the soul.

Easter morning Pilgrims just outside the cloister.

"Peter Abbott" as we fondly refer to Abbott Peter has done some amazing things.

Including a radiant new chapel.

Nor did it take away anything from old places of solitude,

and collective meditation.

The grounds remained magnificent and serene.

Prompting a stroll through the field of dreams.

To the unassuming alabaster shrine to the Virgin Morena of Guadalupe.

Cadence and cascades
Once kept Vince in his jade
Cool in the shade.

Thanx again Sam

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