Thursday, May 7, 2009


I am sure that is what I sound like quite often.
I ramble on:
After poking fun, the fleche got me thinking, 360 km that is the distance you must cover every 24hrs to remain in the in the good one of the 2 columns. If it was a brevet how long would it have taken.
This is of significance specially in the multi-day rides. If you cover the 360 in 24hrs or more then you must ride on with no stop. I am also thinking that the only place that a 200k helps (in a multi-day ride) is in the second day of a 600k.
As these multi-day rides loom, is the 200k permanent still good training.
Tell me.
I am thinking that to be comfortable, if such a state is possible, with the 1000, 1200, and higher.
At least mix in and be somewhat comfortable with the 300 to 400k permanents.
What are those? Where? How many?
Well! battle innoculation, start with a 250k
Whidbey Mambo!
How did I do? I cut off 3hrs from last years time, mostly from better navigation, this is very important, I think, and skipping the Mambo. Yes there were winds in the Skagit and Traffic lights in Everett just when you really don't care to race them.
Running half awake and wide alive, ran into unprecedented traffic.

And Tulips

And still Daffodils

Daylight from start to the finish.

Thanks to Ward who stopped to chat as we crossed on Whidbey.

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Anonymous said...

I have been keeping up on these, I just haven't written. Motivates me to jump on a bike every time I read about your adventures although it may take me a while to catch up with you. ;0) I would like to start taking the girls on bikes rides. I try to keep them active so that they stay healthy. Bike riding would be more scenic for them, they are still too little to ride. Peyton will be three in Sept. She can ride but we wouldn't get far. Jaidyn definitely would need to ride along. I have yet to see an 11month old ride a bike.