Thursday, September 17, 2009

L'Affaire Cascades

On the 29th of August very early in the morning,
The results of the crime was found, in the Jail-town of Monroe.
The world had discovered to its absolute dismay,
4 men missing from their daily lives.

An Investigator was called in,
Who started an inquiry.
Arriving on the scene, some photographs were shot.

A roadside worker was waving his sign in the air,
Shouting; "Its Geoff and Vince that are responsible,
It was his dream from the start."

The strongman of this bunch was found,
Wandering without the group.
In a complete state of freedom, waiting for Elk to pass.

Though the whole thing seemed unreal,
It soon became quite clear.

That the authors of this crime, needed some assistance.

Exhaustive study on the subject
Led experts to conclude.

They were victims of a strange case of split personality.

The trial neared its end,
All the facts had been exposed, but the mob still wanted blood.
They were in for a big Surprise!

Not Guilty!
By reason of Insanity!

With all respect for "The Box"
Thanks to Carol, Trudy, Ralph, Geoff and Kole.


T-Bunny said...

Great mystery novel! But,I think you got it wrong....I think you are all GUILTY by reason of insanity. Your very welcome for the support, you know you have it anytime. ~T

Filings from the bench said...

What a fun write up Vincent!
The photos are excellent, especially the few dusk/nighttime shots with lovely colors in the early evening skies.

Good job on the permanent!