Monday, November 16, 2009

The Grange

Dominick at the Miramont spoke very good English, she like all our hosts in Argeles were eager to be helpful. We would always see her at dinner time when she was eager to explain the menu.
On learning that I had climbed the Hautacam her interest was piqued and she reminisced about hosting a famous Texan while encouraging me to try his favorite desert. She remembered he was pissed because the Hautacam was closed. Like me he likes to climb in cold weather I thought.

Day 5: Cirque Du Troumouse, Cirque Du Gavarnie
Up early to get the bikes from the Grange

Trudy would decide to leave her bike in the Grange under the watchful eyes of Champion American teams who left memorabilia to thank their hosts.

A wise decision indeed as this would be a difficult day on the bike for me.
We set out to climb to the Cirque Du Troumouse (Jean-Phi's favorite) we had missed it as the second climb when I broke the cranks. I am doing fairly OK until we get past Gavarnie and the real climb begins.
I wonder if I need protein, but the charcuterie only serves to bloat my gut, I am not climbing well.

I can see why it is J-Phi's favorite climb, it is desolate and preaches for solitude.

I encourage my friend to ride on ahead as I plod slowly through switchback after switchback.

Very wobbly amongst the sure-footed.

Lost in my own thoughts till I need a break from those thoughts.

I do make it to the top and walk it off in that remote natural amphitheater.

Time to go back down to Gavarnie.

We have climbed close to 5000 feet in 27 miles and I am pooped.
We spend the afternoon hiking up to the Cirque Du Gavarnie, on the way we are entertained by a donkey show.

I think I am happy to be off the bike.

In this other famous natural amphitheater.

So Happy I perform a little rap skit.

Thanks to the Owners and Staff of the Miramont


Joe P said...

Hey Vin,
You have a great trip now, you hear?

Good seeing you guys on Saturday. We ride when you get back, OK.

Vincent Muoneke said...

Trudy corrects me
She says the famous Texan was piseed because the Tourmalet was closed, so he climbed Hautacam twice instead.

Oh Well! she was less dizzy.

callaway said...

Fantastic, all of your entries are fun to read and make me want to go out for a ride then and there! The photos and the heart busting climb you describe is the best.

jp_nospam said...

Another great post Vincent. Yumi rode Troumouse about 2 weeks after you did. By then the road had been closed for a week with over 6 feet of snow, but it all melted quickly soon after. Still there was some left on top as you can see on these photos:

I look forward to your next entry.

Anonymous said...

How do I know when you comment back? I just logged in and realized I wasn't following your blog...I do not use this much. You are the only one I follow.

angel said...

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