Sunday, September 11, 2011


Got hitched to Khaleesi on the 8th month of the 4th year
But could not hold it together for very long
So I broke it down and flew Iceland air
To a Velo-land that speaks a different tongue

We set out at nite for the women of the Gite
I gave her a wrenchin and she gave me her word
I asked our objective, she said we'd be back by the 25th
Most ambiguous thing I have ever heard

Kindness in everyone seemed the norm
As we spun through the nite and into the dawn
Sadness and spasms when he died in a storm
But we made up our minds that we had to go on

Ridin for fame as there is no gold?
Or bling bling strung on a nylon necklace?
Thinkin miller time or any beer that's cold?
I was thinking Khaleesi thought I was so reckless.

Then she told me we would do this again
And things would be different the next time we would
If only I could calm down and just be a friend
Too tired to understand all the strange things she pulled.

Thanks Daenerys Targaryen and of course Steve Hampsten.
Remembering Thai Pham, we never got to meet.


Michael said...

I heard tangled up in blue as I read this.

Iron Rider said...

Enjoyed this. and congrats.

upriver said...

isis! I loved this post.