Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Doc's Fish-Birds

I tried riding Guinevere (my Trek hard-tail from 17 years ago) in the snow Xmas day after drooling over the photo's from up in Alaska. I did not get very far (more on that, next blog), but yes my brain chemicals were getting way off. The last time I had rebalanced or rebooted, two Saturdays before Xmas and I had refused to believe that this (the storm) was all going to happen. Reality set in as a permanent set in Oregon with John and David had to be postponed. Back up plan; The Charly Miller training ride. Being a denizen of the south end I got a little pumped about riding that Saturday in my own turf so to speak.
The weather that morning was what my friend Jean Philipe would refer to in his French Pyrenees accent as "Randonneur Weather"

A famous poet once wrote; "drink deeply, or taste not the pierian spring, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing". This proved to be true this day as considering this my turf, I thought I knew exactly where the training ride began--wrong.

Waiting at a Starbucks half a block from the meeting point (another Starbucks) I missed the Blue shirts. As I was waiting in vain I could not get a blog that I had read recently out of my head, like a pesky tune that will not go away it had gripped me, perhaps the fact that I had read it over again and again had something to do with it. Perhaps it reminded me of my ex-neighbors the Blue Herons that had a nest in the trees you see in the picture until new construction (note the snow-covered roof) forced them to relocate.

Heron Family was a big talking point, I pointed out to my children how every late spring they would hatch typically 4 new Herons teach them how to fly and fish at the Redondo waters and by mid to late summer the new members were on their own. I remember once interfering, and maybe I should not have when a bald eagle hijacked the nest for a hearty breakfast of eggs.
I reckon I miss them and the feeding-time racket they made.

0900 no Blue herons or Blue shirts, just noisy gulls in the parking lot, I headed north, I was going to find The Doc's fish birds. From Southcenter thru Fort Dent on to the Duwamish river trail.
If you don't like the weather around here, stick around it will change.

Like a bird on a wire
Like a drunk in a midnite choir
I have tried in my way to be free
L. Cohen

Free as it may be, this was no Blue Heron or Osprey so I had to push on.
Thought crossed my mind that I really should be doing a permanent today but I had no clue how long it would be before I could get another permanent in.

Past South Park with opportunity to practice riding my fatter tires on gravel which was sure to come.

To the West Seattle bridge and then to Alki; spectacular views of Seattle, I ran into a friend Dan walking his dog. Still no Heron or Osprey, just the inexorable gulls.
Things were getting choppy as the storm was for real, glad I wore my Gore soft shell. Pushing past Fauntleroy and climbing into Shorewood I decided to go visit briefly with Michael an old hiking buddy and his Swiss mountain dog Anton (who likes to lay by a fireplace).
I forgot my eye-wear there and had to repeat the steep climb out to Marine view drive but the view made for easy sublimation.

Hugging the sound, I stopped to snap pics at the Des-moines Marina and Saltwater Park before climbing through Woodmont and then back down to Redondo.

Only birds there was a penguin with SCUBA gear and a weathercock with nothing good to report.

Joined By T-bird who was antsy to try out her new Shower Pass jacket at Redondo. I had company to Dash point and Browns Point. Heading back north from Tacoma on 99 past Fife
and down Peasley Canyon to the Green River Trail. Temperatures were steadily dropping but not enough moisture for significant icing. The trail took us back to Southcenter and by now it was beginning to snow.
I got 92 miles and 4000ft but not A Blue Heron or Osprey.

Thanks to Paul Johnson
Please Keep Writing.

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