Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Come Oh Beautiful Rain

Rain come down and wash this snowbound town.
Rain come down I crave an apres ride with friends and liquid carbs.

In envy of the randos from down under

It has come to my attention that wishing for warm rain may not be entirely appropriate.


Paul Johnson said...

Yo Vinnie;

I'm ALL for a thaw, like you I am anxious to get out there and listen to the buzz and click of tires and gears rolling along. But lets make it gradual; A thaw that takes nearly as long for every last dirty opile of a melted snowman to dissapear as it took for the white blaket to be laid down.

Yr Pal Dr Codfish

glen campbell said...

It's Dec 31st @ 11:41 PM and all I can think about is getting in shape enough to ride with Vinnie, the MAN, the Ledend, You know If their is only one person I can think of that has the potential of a Champion its Vinnie. You my man someday can and will win the RAAM. All you have to do is just do it. Happy New Year from Glen and Joanie.

WMdeR said...

Dire Straits and cycling? What could be better on a long evening ride, the headlight drawing you onward, Mark noodling soulfully into the night?

Thank you.



William M. deRosset
RUSA 2401