Sunday, January 18, 2009


First 200k of 09 and a month away from R12
A shout out to the Lahar Bicycle Club

A Band of Brothers and a few Sisters.

Sharing the road with rivers rising

and rushing.
Just a false alarm.
The Ocean refuses no river.


lynnef said...

now I can't get Jimmy Buffett out of my head! See you next weekend!

Anonymous said...

So I can comment without having an account or at least I think you can. I guess I will find out when I try to submit it. Hello Dr. It's Deszirae! I just wanted to thank you for you kindness and generosity. You truly are a good man. I will be in there very very soon. Your office has shown nothing but kindness to me and I truly appreciate it. Now on to those flood waters, did you take a swim? I hope not. That would have made for a very cold ride. Of course the days I don't check the blog you post something.
I've got to get to the kids, they are both needing me at the same time. Hope your night went well.