Monday, January 5, 2009

Hazels Quest

As a teenager in Eastern Nigeria (after the failed secession as Biafra) I had read much of the work of John Steinbeck. If you have read "Sweet Thursday" the sequel to "Cannery Row" you need no introduction to the bawdy characters, the denizens of the Row in Monterey. Doc was modeled after Steinbecks friend and marine biologist Ed Ricketts. Hazel (an unlikely name for a male bum) one of Mack's boys and a regular at the Palace Flophouse made up with heart what he lacked in refinement and common sense.
Having read the Doc's paper I felt akin to Hazel. I had to do something. "The Calling" came after communication with Ward Beebe (the Seer in this case) and the road would again hug the sound. Ignoring a previous abject failure the Quest would chase further north in deeper cold.Chuckanut Drive 0730: 12/28/08.
Turned south towards Edison and BayView and it looks like permafrost. Then!

Hot soup at deception pass, Ward leisurely fixed a flat, then off to Fort Casey.

Where it seems a little strange.
And clear up to the Port Townsend Ferry no sign of snow.
We headed home, mixed results, I think I saw an Osprey, I wish I saw an Osprey.

Sincere gratitude to Ward who patiently slowed down while I constantly scanned the land sea and sky and snapped incessantly with Cybershot.


Paul Johnson said...

Dang! You beat me to the Swans! Saturday as I was going up the road (car) I passed a field where swans stop to graze for a few weeks this time of year and there they were, accompanied by a small squadron of sandhill cranes. I went past and made a quick youie, but by the time we got back I guess R2D2 had turned off the holgraphic projector.

But hey, you're up in the Skagit, thats almost like taking your camera to the zoo!

Osprey? A little early for here (there are three nests along my bike commute) but won't be long. So the race is on for the Osprey, (Gauntlet tossed to the ground!)

Nice eagles by the way.

Yr Pal Dr C

Vincent Muoneke said...

You are on Pal