Friday, July 17, 2009

For You

There is a magazine I flip thru all the while
Tells a story of a man-child on a bike
And there are digital images here and there
Images that I would seek to share

Pictures that show the Rando way
The way that I seek to live today
Of course there are thoughts that could be only mine
Relics that are fading out with time

So for the recumbent that ploughed the air for me
For the mountain top that enabled me to see
For the rider that showed up on demand
For the blogger that helped me understand

And I still find tantalizing things now and then
Mesmerizing things, inexplicable Zen
Leftovers from brevets that I rode
Rode, loved and cherished on the road

Thanx to the three volcanoes


ngoziachebe said...

What a poem, everything rhymes. The pictures are brillant, like the the moonlight that makes a cripple hunger for a walk I almost feel I can ride but alas I cannot. Godspeed my friend.


Uzo said...

How do you get your butt to fit on the bike seats? Nice musing......