Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reckless Rando

Running! Reckless! Rando!
I have been three days on the road.
Northwest Days early in July
That blow hot and cold.

Out on the vast seclusion of nowhere
The split tongue wind speaks.
In my face about my attitude,
Nudging me on with a gentle breeze.

She says; there are snakes on a brevet
And there are eagles up above.
What are you, dragging mud flaps in the dust,
A hawk, or a dove?

I said; I come also from a rain forest,
Given some wit, and a lot of spleen.
Last nite I dreamed of the old ways
As fireworks lit up Aberdeen.

My soul cried for those old eagle ways
Knowing how much I have tried.
But the wind laughed at me
Saying; your snake cannot be denied.

My snake empties a Fosters oil can
And checks out the woman at the bar.
Know when you put me on your endangered list
I am so much like you are.

Frightened of the unknown altitude
When will this mountain crest?
Endless struggle between yes and no
Out on the line once more for saying; yes!

That nite under stars and stripes
In the home of the brave and the free.
Both reckless and afraid;
Definitely duality, if not multiplicity.

Behind my motel door,
The snake and the eagle are at war.
The snake wants nothing in the way of the mission,
The eagle seeks clarity of vision.

Strange trinkets these battles win
These highs and these lows.
What about the bragging rights?
Who has more suffering to show?

So we ride up to clear vistas
And disguise our fears with a smile.
There is enlightenment and danger,
Living The Rando lifestyle.

I touched you on the road my kin,
Three shadows overlap on an open field,
Where neither snake or eagle will yield,
To me it was skin to skin.

Thanks to my son Ugonna (Eagle of his father)
AKA Ugo (Eagle)


Anonymous said...

Hello Doctor!

My labor position ends July 22. I will then move into cake decorating so I will not have to worry about the heavy lifting and I will be able to heal up nicely. I am just waiting on my check and then I will be in. Once I get it I will call for another appointment. I am so excited. Wendy is doing well on her weight loss surgery so hopefully she will be in for a consult as well. She was recommending you to their patients. I wonder if any of them made it too you. Anyway, I hope to see you soon! Have fun on your nexy adventure. I have not heard any replies from you on here...hopfully I am doing this correctly. :) Keep SAFE out there when biking.

callaway said...

Love to read your words and here your thoughts. another cycling crazy here

Rando Rider said...

Wonderful ride ... glad you made it safe & sound. I had thought about taking the suggestion to change to Sunday, but then thought if we're going to figure out how to beat the heat we need experience in it ... so why not now!