Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Barlow Trail

Bent man Lobo put on a 300K through Barlow Pass, a few days before PA.
I was in.
Michael Wolfe, Mark, Geoff and myself carpooled to Sandy Oregon.
Mark was at the wheel, It would be "Easy Skanking".

We pass the rollers to the river grade and then to higher grades into magnificent forests.

Views of ice capped mountains cool your fire.

Crossing into the Microwave.

A strong Tail pushes us to the Tygh valley and we will pay to climb out of it. By the time we got to the Pass things have cooled, by Government Camp it is cold.
With a little help from my friends we roll into Sandy in the dark, where Philipe Andre and other good Volunteers await with refreshment.
I sleep in the backseat as Mark and Geoff Navigate us home.

A Freebie!
"with a little help from my friends"

Thanks Guys

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