Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Endless Mountains

Endless Malfunctions
How I longed that it disappear
I cannot believe the things I hear
More than a few bonus miles have led me to a wall
And each passing day brings unpredicted cold rains of fall
And looming right in front of me
An invisible and ominous line between
What I am and what I came here to be
Why was this not foreseen?
Undulating line in space
That my courage must erase
I try to think beyond what I seek
And the fear that I may be too weak
Thru the Brothers, Henk and Vince I peek at the other side
Quakertown like an Amish girl soon to become a bride
Yet it all depends on the B B
Bittersweet uncertainty

Endless Memories

Liberty or...


Steve said...

Truly an amazing achievment! And a powerfully touching poem.

Congratulations to you and the Amish bride.


Vincent Muoneke said...

Thanks Steve
For being a beacon of light, well maybe more like a point of light in front of me.

velocio1 (at) me (dot) com said...

Yes, your poem really is penetrating.
I saw your struggle on the first day and your triumph on the last - congratulations! You are one of my heroes ...