Thursday, April 3, 2014


In the Tasmania hills and wood
I held her as long as I could
But the Universe said and held No
With no goodbye there she Go
I will betray Flux and Fire
And even wait the coming of a Messiah
Who would lead us to Poatina
Then Valley-Forge on to Miena
Where I will lay down my body
Sad, smart, self-saving parody

So seven hundred days go by
There’s a gal, and a fish to fry
But he looses a little each day
Will his strength or the universe make the play
Will he make a chance
To do a crazy dance
Maybe by then they will make her “Dame”
Perhaps he will not even remember her name

I really want to thank Andrew Johnson, who helped me get my bike from Hobart airport 9hrs before the ride, after making several arrangements for borrowed equipment, then driving me from Miena to the second sleep stop. Then graciously committing for a re do in 2016. Wayne Hickman and Alison, for driving me through the second 600k of TDT, and trying to show me the Platypus and tender loving care. Tim Taylor for unparalleled support between Westbury and Miena.  Gavin Hind for loaning gear and drive to and back from Hobart airport. To Mark, Rick and Jan, for sharing so much even the crud and all the riders who showed for a truly Audacious Ride.

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Mark said...

Congratulations Vinnie: TdT 2016