Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rajasthani Nights

Oh! Mharo Rajasthan
Does it matter day or night
Use the third eye for sight
Feel me, hold me
I pine for your embrace
I came from far to see your face
Give me life, don't let go
You send it in the form-Chiro

Many, much I ask of Shiva
In the desert night, flow like river
Flow around all that comes in your way
My skin, the night. to Krishna  pray
So I move, oh! how you move me
With your dark and subtle mystery
You gave me life, you never let me go
I wish I could claim you Mharo

Forever Indebted to The incomparable
Delhi Randonneurs


Chiro Mitra said...

Atithi Dev Bhavo ..thats what we are in India.Thanks for coming over and gracing and embellishing our Journey with your presence and your never quitting Belligerent sportsmanship.
Thanks for the nice words ...We are indebted to you for joining us

skiffrun said...


anil puri said...

Vincent.....Very nicely put across.... we learnt from your indomitable spirit of Randonneuring.....cheers and Bash ON !!!
Padharo mharo desh mein....(welcome to My beloved country)

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