Monday, June 15, 2009


Dad is visiting from Isseke, his beloved village to where he retired, the birthplace of one Gustavus Vassa (Olaudah Equiano), the first African Slave to produce literary documentation of his passage.
Concerns about his vision brought him this time, and his daughter and my sister Vivian was kind enough to visit with him taking the opportunity to visit her son in Seattle University (Trudy's Alma Mater).
Dad's Name is Vincent also but don't call me Vincent Two as that belongs to Peter "The Great" and certainly not Junior as nobody in my family or in my Igbo roots calls me Vincent (The Christian name), to them I am known as Emeka.
I thought the best medicine for my guilt for disappearing on the weekends on Rando business was to show him what we do. So off to the Nisqually Entrance of Mount Rainier National Park. Vivian drove Vincent while Trudy and Emeka rode to Paradise. We all had Ice Cream up there and Trudy and I almost beat them to the bottom.
He assures me he would do it again, so he must have liked it.
For this I am grateful.

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