Friday, June 5, 2009

The Prineville Principle

Arrived at Prineville hungry and enthusiastic to ride in the cool of the night, had a delicious bowl of pasta. I had been craving chicken on the pedaling descent from Ochoco Pass, and the Apple Peddler was a big temptation. The Principle: Riding Thru!
At Overnite,
"fill the belly
jolting the brain"
After the Caffeine I looked miserably at the second bowl of pasta, and my gut did not disappoint. I nursed her like "Wounded Knee" all the way to The Dalles. Mylanta, Thanx Geoff for the chiropractic adjustment, mostly I put very little down, but riding in the early cool helped. Ice cream at the suggestion of Peter (you rock) at Maupin, to my surprise, felt good.
Tygh Rigde, Heartbreak Hill, Whatever!
I put down 40% of a big water bottle (100 % water) the whole way from the bottom at the Deschutes River, to the finish line where the pull of Sandman overcame the nausea. The other 30 big bottles from sprinklers, irrigation channels and of course Scott Peterson I thank you. They went all over my body and everytime a gentle breeze passed, it felt like the breath of a lost lover.

The Dude
I Salute You

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