Monday, June 1, 2009

Even Stevens

This Ephrata Moon shines on in my memory, harbinger of a magical day of such beauty that left me so bewitched that I forgot my eyewear at control twice. Perhaps the lapses of memory were Freudian (some need to see things more clearly)? Maybe just the result of body composition derangement and its attendant mental confusion. This is my second 400K and there were major similarities. I call on Freud to explain that again and he suggests that I use them for my wake up call. I remember riding under the stars from Electric City to Ephrata sorely in need of salt water and sugar but expelling rather than absorbing gut contents. Then came the lunatic smile, as I thought, I am killing a lot of body fat, but that is not the way to do it as there is also breakdown of lean body mass. When will someone invent cycling clothing that cools you using solar power? Till then I have to figure this out, cycling is mostly a summer sport, if you cannot stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
By now everyone remotely interested knows "Vinny's Panacea" "ride a permanent or two and call me in the morning", this time out of the "briar patch" to Wenatchee "Home of the Crank".
There are two 200K permanents from Redmond to Wenatchee, RUSA 0122 and 0110 and they are both reversible.
I tried not to leave too early as I wanted to climb in the heat, could not resist stopping at the bakery in Cle Elum and then Blewitt obliged hot and high. At the top I saw SIR legendary climber dancing on the pedals of a tandem. I yelled out to Kole as he disappeared in the other direction, then concluded that It was just "Summit Fever".
Nice drop to the US 2 and fairwinds on the rollers to East Wenatchee, yes it was hot, 91 F at least.
The control in Wenatchee, now called "The Inn by the River" was fully booked so I got a Corona at the Casino next door for my receipt. They recommended a place next block, they seemed happy to have me, they also promised as I requested a 0400 wake up call that they would have breakfast that early as part of the deal.

The Room was quite adequate and they let me take my bike upstairs with no fuss (always a bonus). But they had no restaurant.

Settled in, my focus went to fuel, top of the list of things that I have to work out, nutrition on and off the bike. One small problem, shoes, not enough room in those weenie panniers for shoes. I would rely on "fast talking".

I declined the easiest option.

Was told straight up that I could not dine without shoes, but after they heard my tale, I was allowed to sip beer and wait for my order.

Back to the Cedars Inn for my Feast, it was excellent.

Moist Chicken and Cow muscle for protein, declined the fries,whole grain bread instead and salad of course. How good that tasted after a whole day of maltodextrin. Nothing gives me confidence on a bike like a good appetite.

The reason I chose the earlier wake up on the return, yes that picture of the Columbia River where I would have to go to Re-"Check the condition, my condition was in", but I did not know that at the time. My silly plan was to escape the wind, I rode into a strong headwind and while I was goo-goo ga-ga over the River it occurred to me that next control Leavenworth was not very far, with a strong headwind it could be missed. So back to work already. Did not have a good appetite for breakfast (bad sign) at Cedars, nothing jumped at me at the subway in Leavenworth so back to maltodextrin V8 and Choc milk yum!
But the mountains are always grand.

And that is where I was headed, for a photo shoot:

So if you read this and you have that shot of me cooling on the ice of Stevens SIR spring 08 400K, know that I would love a copy and that I still suffer overheat and gut issues, but I will do whatever I can to keep rolling. Stevens, she still confuses me I thought she would block the wind but faced headwinds from Wenatchee to Monroe.
Have you ever had to read a cue sheet in reverse, because you cannot trust your Garmin? Tough!

I Thank Mike Norman and Shane Balkovetz


Robert H said...

Hey Vincent! I believe that my mom has that shot. She was driving around checking out the group on that day. I'll see what I can do about getting you a copy.

Robert H said...

God, I'm an idiot... I had it on my Flickr account all along.

You on Stevens

Let me know what size you want it and I'll print you a copy.

Vincent Muoneke said...

Thanx so much Robert
If you have a digital copy please email to vmuoneke(at)comcast(dot)net

Anonymous said...

You should pack a pair of the Dr. slippers next time. Slip them over your toes when you run into the no shoe problem. I don't think they can say anything, your feet are covered. They are light weight and you can cram them just about the anywhere.