Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Issaquah’s Rain

Dark sharp Firs spike from the earth
Cling to snow-white mountains as if to claim foreign descent
Pricking my mind with dark playful memories
Of love and hate coexisting for so long
Often I imagined being alone and sad
Naïve tears flowed so freely
Now they come with a price
A charge on emotion, a chained love
Looking through alien eyes
A thousand new visions, none my own
If only it was easy to follow one’s own advice
To adopt a chosen life, accept and love
For I choose my own unattainable dreams
Left with uneasy fate, heavy my sins
Yet strong my backbone through destiny’s game
Let it pull me as Bob, Eric and Ty
Let it confuse me as Stevens evens for me
But fear forgive me and tears release me
Set me free and let me be me
My sharp foreign spikes rot during growth
Tall and strong, still stand during the storm

Special thanks to the Tilden brothers

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