Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Evoked responses run turbulent, unpredictable
Flashing messages all say raise the table
All this for her, a vector easily calculable
On the edge but still very stable

The numbers have failed, experience cannot tell
For all this cataclysm one service would sell
Farewell contrition, be prepared for hell
The puppeteer knows the puppet well

Why dance on these invisible strings
As if to some youthful vigor clings
To that fountain from which passion springs
Not the alarm, but for whom it rings

And why do manicured rims roll and turn
As if for shiny spinners they mourn
Or is it a hard day’s work they shun
The slave-girl that should have been a son

Spindle and hub distance unroll
Can the Randonneuse know there is no goal?
Can she sublime in a passive role?
Only the puppeteer can loose control

To all those Rando's that took shelter in Idalia second night of Last Chance 08

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glen campbell said...

Incredible, Incredible, Vinni Baby is Incredible. I remember when Vinni rode Mt. Rainier for the first time, small chain ring in front big in the back with determination and now big in front small in back (determination with strength). WOW what an improvment a person can have with passion and determination but with great love of the sport, is it love or is it passion? Its boath with Vinni baby. All I can say is well done brother, well done.