Tuesday, September 16, 2008


On Seal-skinned Chariot, man the Goddess rode
Off the beaten path, but with gpx code
Four hundred Chipmunks harnessed to the wheels
Clear-eyed Pallas controlled the team
The winds of the journey cracked his Ethiopian lips
Soothed by beeswax from a nymphs fingertips
They came to a clearing where old trees once stood mast-tall
Where dark-hearted humans sacrificed them to his gall
Sad-eyed he let loose flashes of his rage
She coaxed him with promises to turn the page
To Loup-Loup who’s stories old rando’s have told
He found a moon-dog that still howls in his soul
So he readies in Mazama a vessel of jade
Cursing the heat, praying for shade
Angering Poseidon, the winds whipped up the more
But strong-armed Athena rowed them to Marblemount shore
And all she asked was he stay with her in the sun
For cotton-candy-kisses, a small token in return
The gods of convention, do not nod in approval
Romantic liaisons of mortal and immortal
Yet she let him love her, secure in the fact that
Love does not drop in anchor to bridle his heart

Much indebted to: Mark Thomas, Mike McHale, Trudy Frantz, Dan Turner and Martin Knowles.

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