Friday, June 22, 2012

Cadence and Cascades II

Riding and snapping with My I-Phone, I cannot do justice to what I see.
A shaft of light on a desert plateau.
But all roads now lead to Maillot, I hitch my Pony to the post on the right.
But the owners up and sold, "oil in the Dakotas" they said.
Eager to climb early in the day and descend to face the winds of the Methow Valley.
nastier in the day more quiescent in the wee hours.
For the siren call no longer so dim.
More sleep than usual at Mazama, the dress is light
4 leftover cans of ensure-plus mailed by a Dear Friend
My insulated water bottles are frozen solid. I ration my actions one photo, one put on Showers Pass, one can of ensure down and down the hill whispering OHM.
 I get a flat at Panther Creek, a slow leak at balmy 45 degrees F, two pump ups warm me and buys pavement to Ross Lake, I take shelter and fix the flat.
Near Marblemount I meet the the first pass climbers in their touring gear. They wonder why I crossed the pass so early, I could explain logistics and time in the bank, but I would rather spend the time at Tootsies.
 I get  soup at Marblemount Gas Store, but I know a place more satisfying. Clarkes Cabins, Tootsie is in the House, she says "make sure you get enough to eat".
I need nothing else till Granite Falls, one cherry pie, one apple pie and a coke for the road.
                              Monroe and tired, I wanna go home.
                    Serious Gratitude to Geoff Swarts and Mjolnir

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Unknown said...

Way to go Vincent - great style, what a poet.
Vickie B