Saturday, June 9, 2012

"June Pop"

What a difference a day makes!
So beautiful at the Des-Moines Marina, I get a shot without leaving the Route. A little further down I pick the first Info Control.
2 climbs down and just leaving the bike path I run into the Sounder. This is a fast train. Here the tracks cross pretty perpendicular to the road so not much concern. The next rail tracks as I am leaving Auburn requires more care. 
Green Valley Meats, I get some fuel, This is on the Menu on ride day.
The Mountain is still not "Out" at BlackDiamond but the Bakery never runs out. 
Here, where the Green River is made, on the Bridge of the Gorge, I pick another Info Control.
Must be "Traning Day", I run into the slow train as I double back towards Aurburn. These tracks have an angle requiring more caution and you pass them twice.
Last Climb! when you see the Twin (water) Towers the ride is about done.
Thanks Guinevere, its been a long winter.

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