Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cadence and Cascades

We left early, by the time we got to Enumclaw the Mountain was out.
You are headed for Mount Rainier, after a control at Cumberland you are in Ramrod territory.
Always beware the railroad tracks at Elbe.
Skate creek road  is always a good place to break the knees in, its got shade, and a great view of the Mountain
Descend into Packwood and refresh for White Pass, I have not climbed a mountain pass in a long long while. The roads are decent the Motorists were good, but note that this is a camping area.
White pass in the Sun, you are not very well protected.
Recover on the descent to Clear Lake
And on to the Overnite at Naches 
Day 2 begins with a climb up the 410 towards Chinook Pass, an out and back that turns around at the Lodgepole Campground, could be cold..
 Back down the 410 and and roll through farmlands to old Naches. There is a Grill here open at 0800, if you want bacon and eggs. I got some sugar by having 2 tablespoons of the pancake syrup.
Destination Fruitvale the wind will help, just be sure you do not have any reason to turn and go back the other way.
Watch on the Bike trail, may be a little confusing, I use GPS.  Ride hwy 24 East towards the Columbia River,.Just before the junction with the 241 is a little "watering hole" on the left , I have stopped here twice.
Cross at the Vernita Bridge and after a short nasty climb in the heat of the day, I am cooled by clouds and winds as I think the Mattawa hills are much prettier at night with no clouds and the stars.
Steady wind in the face to Quincy, should be the day! But I push on now with a tailwind to Ephrata, where I have a drop bag, thanks Nikki.
Love to leave early, but I am getting enough sleep, the early light, Soap Lake, the moon and Oh! the wind. 
There is water in the campgrounds by the lake, fill up whenever you can.
Like Lots wife I dare to look back.
Wind is whipping Dry Falls, but my fear is that I was born beneath this angry ball of hydrogen.
Clouds come to my rescue again as I ascend a plateau. Is it day 3, or is it chip-seal and Oh! the wind. We are going to Mansfield, Where is that? never heard of it. This is my 4th C1200 including 2 permanents.
Well it has a Grill and a Mercantile store if you need more than the regular control fare. It will take you to a most enjoyable downhill


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