Wednesday, June 6, 2012


There are wet Randos fettered by chains to a wheel in perpetual motion.
So by 0500 I was at Desmoines to start Desmoines - Blackdiamond.
Why ? Because that is what I have modified for the June Populaire
First Control at Green Valley Meats is bolted shut but the Porta-Potty is open
On Sundays they open at 1000, not a problem.
There are no magnificent views today at the Blackdiamond Bakery which is just a wee bit off course.
A cup of Coffee warms me up and two cookies to go.
Green Valley Road is Daisyland, Daisies my favorite flower.
I stop to pick a few for the Podium Girls before stopping at Valero for the Auburn Control..
They are not impressed.
"Back to work" they say
"You've had your fun"

Thanks to Alan Bell
Tomorrow I will ride "June Pop"

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Kelly Kyle said...

fun to read.... you sound like you are having fun. Hope we might see you and some of your friends at our event this year.. the 2nd annual Coup de Cascades, on Aug 18& 19. A 425 mile Race around the Cascades or a 100 mile century ride. All money goes to support ending POLIO in the World. Thanks!