Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back to Back

Marks Rando Notes, gives an RBAs report of permanent # 0186 last Saturday. Many SIR members showed, several Anciens, a number of newbies and all else in between created a special chemistry. What Mark nicely-conveniently forgot to mention was that I bonked hard, very early in the Snoqualmie Valley. More bad news at the Lake Stevens Control the pack had left maybe 00:05 ago and I was just arriving, was I in Dire straits? Perhaps they fathomed at the reason behind riding in the cold weather with the sniffles, perhaps I should have done so too. I sincerely hope no one caught it from me.
Sultan at last, feeling quite a bit better as I gave up the chase to settle to my own rhythm, Bob and Mark waved me in to Vinaccio Coffee. They were glad to see me and the feeling was mutual. A pretty gal behind the counter fixed me a tall soy mocha with 3 shots for my receipt. We left that town as the Sultans of Swing.
We rocked and rolled to North Bend, from there like the Sultans "we made it fast with one more thing". Starbucks at Fred Meyer Redmond, paper work and some refreshment and a word of advice from Sir Harold Gillies. "Do not do anything standing that you can do sitting and do nothing sitting that you can do lying.
I drove home to Federal Way dismissing any misgivings, I quick washed my Woolistics top and Ibex bottoms and placed them in front of a fan to dry.

0645 Sunday, Ward Beebe handing out Brevet cards to Steve Davis, Stanley Eamon and myself at Tullys in Redmond for #0359, there would be more climbing involved.

The sun at the Issaquah control was very deceptive, it was going to be a rather cold morning. It warmed up a bit with the midday sun and dropped again as the day wore on, winter is on its way.
Stanley led us up the hills and Steve pulled us forward on the rollers Ward was our clutch player and provided the extra drive whenever we sagged.
I just rocked out under my balaclava happy to be rolling with these musketeers.

At the higher elevations we did share some spectacular views of the cascades as well as V8, Chocolate Milk and Oh! that special bonding. With the loss off daylight we were all ready to be done and we did, all together soon after. Back at Tullys, Stanley had to rush off and build a bike. We lost Steve (I apologize) driving around blindly in search of liquid Carbs. but I did get to raise a glass with my Buddy Ward.

I learned that Mark, Bob and Dan rode Sunday too.
So who says the Rando season is over, apparently not in Redmond.

With gratitude to Vinaccio Coffee

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Mark said...

Three permanents in five days?! Good thing you don't have an addictive personality, or this could get out of hand.