Sunday, November 30, 2008


Fairwind, she follows Geoff Swarts
As through the mist he cuts
No sun to glint on his chainstay
No other Rando's on this very foggy day
He says I really don't like this Auburn hill
Hearing that gave me a chill
He had worked so hard to bring it fame
Now he would have to work on a re-name
I was glad to hear him speak so
I had followed his riding to and fro
And I longed to gasp the same air
With such a lone-some randonneur
And who's there he seemed to say
To the one behind his seatstay
It is Vinnie, I thought with pride
And I love your solitude and the way you ride
Then Vinnie keep yourself awake
We are going to climb up Alice Lake
And with that he rode by my side
To be my one, my only guide
Redmond at the end of the ride
We parked Green Hornet and Fairwind side by side
And in a soft chair in Whole Foods
We parked the battered body of Vinnie the Pooh
I watched him spin, I watched him rise
I saw the fire in his eyes
Yes! I strive for riding bold
But so steep? so cold?

Forever indebted for your guidance


Rando Rider said...

Awesome! I enjoyed riding ... and now reading ... till next time.

glen campbell said...

Oh how I long for the day i get on the road, how i long for the day i see pav'e instead of dirt and mud, oh please God let it happen soon for i cant take it much more. I know you here my prayer for i to love the road bike as much as the mtb but its time to ride with the wind (Vinnie Baby) beside me so please Lord let their be Sun, I miss it.