Friday, November 21, 2008

Novelty Hill

The spell was strong, even our famous northwest weather seemed a little spellbound.
The bug was on the flourish. Word on the wire suggested various remedies, there was no one Panacea. After several second opinions the True Blue Friday band opted for the Hood Loop.
A few stragglers would go for Saturday. The Daimyo of this group had suggested an old fall favorite to Northbend. Unfortunately, due to logistical problems I found myself a lone Ronin at 0645 in Leschi

It was worth it.
Yet the mountain was calling from afar, Perhaps soon?

0720 with no other road warriors to be seen we took off. No trepidation here after a remarkable "training day" with Ye Merry Band of Brothers and Sisters.

By Kenmore the sun joined us, illuminating both new construction and old flying machines.

Flying down Novelty hill we arrived in the valley. Pre-informed by Geoff Swarts and others (thanx) we pre-planned our detour and did not have to swim across.

At the QFC in Northbend be careful with that bike stand, I came out from that control to find the bike (admittedly heavy) tilted on the stand and my front rim dented and out of true.

Still magnificent sun at the Shell at Maple Valley, the last control before the finish.

Crimson skies by the Renton airport.

Dark already by 1730

Thanks to Mark and Albert for the Moral Support

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