Friday, November 21, 2008

Skele- tons of fun

In search of my first R12 medal (Congratulations to our hardworking Permanent Chief, Narayan who just bagged one) I wondered what November would bring. Then I heard through the wire that Don Boothby was gathering a number of goblins for the Camano-Bellingham Witch Project.
It was a size able group of ghouls that showed at Elger bay on the first morning of November after a night of trick or treating . With broomsticks well tuned we took off with the first rays of the morning sun
Nothing like the blue shirt to bring out the little devil in me.

This is what happened to the bike of the dude who tried to drop us at Laconner

This is what happened to the dude.

We did not feel too bad since the big fish have to gobble the little ones, kinda like when the peloton gobbles the breakaway.

Caught the Stoker but the Joker was too fast

And Past and old haunt to get to Bellingham

After all said, the spell is on me.

Thanks to Don and his Stokers

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Narayan said...

Thank you, Vincent... It was great fun getting it. Good luck to you in your own quest.