Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Sun and the Mountain

I fess up, I think the Seattle Rando Club rocks in so many ways.
I confess too that I look forward to reading the expressed thinking of my fellow certifiables, thereby personally being responsible for a large number of hits on the on the Rando blogs. One that I remember well The Moon and the Mountain. I have never forgiven myself for not showing for that brevet but then I had a Last Chance for a Randonee.
Amy Pieper spelled it out clearly in her communication that there may be one Last Chance to the Mountain. It was calling and the indicators were "go" but road closures put a wrench in the spokes and we all had to settle for the available.
The Seattle area weather has been relatively clement in November, October as well.

Foggy in the morning as I drive to the club ride on sunday.

Like my Kids the Sun sleeps in but finally comes up to brighten up Blue Wool.

Hatsumomo the evil but beautiful geisha was glad for the company. Beer and Pizza after the training ride, I heard from reliable sources that the road condition had changed. Monday was the window. 0700 from Kent/Covington QFC , the fog was enough to make the road plenty wet, I was grateful for my fenders as off we headed towards Black Diamond.

"The woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep"
Robert Frost

The Bakery and the Mountain. Lets not forget Caffeine.

At Enum-scratch

Hello Mr Cybershot make this day great
Is that a twister brewing on the left
Do you simply capture images of the patterns of the sky
Or is it true the weather heeds the twinkle in your eye

The trouble spots on 41o.
Only trouble was to stop and clean off gobs of mud to quit that infernal noise.

The River was contained,
but I could tell she was gloating.

To the point of no return,
and thoughts of what 09 may bring.

To the lodge for control, and run down with the Sun at my back. Crystal Mountain Blvd. was in good condition better that two years ago when I was last up it on a bike. Still a few rough areas recommend a cautious descent.

Very little of the usual satisfying fare at one of the fave spots at Green Water as there has been very little traffic (OK by me). Always nice, they rigged something up with chicken and bread, showed me photos of the road damage earlier, impressive. I ate and was gone.

Heading south towards the Carbon River and then descending into the little town of Burnett.

No info control give-away, you need a receipt.

Beautiful farms in Auburn towards the end.

Thanks to Mark for bringing it up on Sunday. it helped prepare me for my Wednesday with Mr Swarts, I hope Geoff gets to tell that story.
Happy thanksgiving to all !

Please click on the pictures for much better detail and resolution.

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